Rules to be observed and contractual information about your tattoo

The foil should be removed after 2-3 hours. Rinse gently with cold water and then dab with a clean cloth.

When applying the Dermalize patch, this should be carefully dissolved after two days using water. Then wash and dry the tattoo and repeat the process every other day.

(If foil) the tattoo should stick to the T-shirt, just moisten it, don't tear it!

Apply the wound healing ointment with clean hands or a cloth, thin layer! Repeat this 2-3 times a day. When the tattoo heals it will be itchy, that's normal, please don't scratch it!

Apply the wound healing ointment only until the scab has fallen off. Depending on the tattoo 10-15 days, then just apply moisturizer.

DO NOT scrape off the crust. Don't rub it, be careful with clothes and shoes. She falls off herself!

Please do not use BATHING or SAUNA or SOLAR for the first 2 weeks. Do not expose directly to the sun or touch with dirty hands.

If pus forms, dirt in the form of bacteria has gotten to your tattoo. This can be combated with a cream.

The tattoo will have healed after a maximum of 30 days. Skin could use another month of moisturizer though.

After healing, the tattoo can show some light spots (spots, dots, lines), yes that can be and is quite normal! The colors such as B. Red etc. could fade a bit, then you just have to get in touch and come to the PAINTING, this is free up to 2 months after tattooing! A tattoo fades over the years, that's normal too! It can be refreshed at any time, but not for free. But that's definitely cheaper than your tattoo.

  • Being of legal age (18) and not having a legal representative. She/He has read and understood the tattoo care. She/He was enlightened by us what a tattoo is and it lasts a lifetime! She/He makes the tattoo voluntarily and has chosen and accepted the motif and the location himself. If the tattoo is not properly cared for, possible infections cannot be ruled out. She/He has understood this instruction and will follow it and take care of the tattoo. Any liability of the studio is excluded. A tattoo is an image that is stuck onto the skin with needles, there may be deviations from the template and it may not be a 100% copy. The photo of the tattoo stays with Los Hermanos ink. The picture may be published.