Why you have to book us because we are different

Who are we?

We are a team of international artists, a special feature. We have studios in Brazil, Switzerland and soon in the UK. Our mission is to decorate the world, bring colorful ink to skin. We follow globally, rank and bring to you the best tattoo artists of our time. All in a clean and luxurious environment tailored to your lifestyle, preferences and budget. Everyone is welcome as they are. We follow tattooing and its huge success around the world and introduce you to the ones that impress the jury the most. From Brazil to Dubai and from intricate designs with fine lines to full-body masterpieces, artists await at the most luxurious tattoo locations imaginable.

Our condition is!

All our artists have several years of experience under their needles and their level is considered to be above the global standard. Grab a bargain on up-and-coming artists.